Sound Production Kyle Viana


“Stand Up For Me” By Storm Large, Arranged by Mary Beth Orr for Horn, piano, and Voice.

French Horn Folk Tales~

“Appalachia” – “Wayfaring Stranger” Live from Nov. 21 performance.

“Songs of the Wayfarer” Mov. 3                                                                                                     

“Songs of the Wayfarer” Mov. 4                                                                                                      

“Oh Death” Introduction – “6 Lives of Jack McBride” By Kerry Turner – VIDEO

“Oh Death” introduction – “6 Lives of Jack McBride” By Kerry Turner, Live recording from “French Horn Folk Tales”                                                                                                                

Youtube link to “Appalachia” by Lydia Busler – Slide show from “Dim The Lights” a horn quartet planetarium show

[/audio]“Appalachia” by Lydia Busler – Performed by Mary Beth Orr